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Water damage

Water damage is a simple way of saying liquid ingress. Water damage is the best way to get anything tech to stop working, and contrary to the rumors, putting it in rice does not help at all. When water gets into the device an makes contact with the mother or logic board, it causes electrical circuits to connect that otherwise wouldn't be which causes short circuits and premature failure. Water will also cause corrosion and other issues even if you could "dry out" the device - different liquids will have different effects, it's best to keep away from any kind of liquid. 

Water damage repair.jpg

How much to repair a liquid damaged device? 

It takes time and effort in order to work out if a repair is even possible for any liquid damaged device, this is where there is a minimum $88.00 inc GST diagnosis and inspection fee in order to be able to provide this service. If a repair and/or data recovery is available, you will only be up for the quoted amount, not $88.00 + the quote, for more information on this please see the terms and conditions below! 

Not local, and need to mail it in? 

If you're not local to the Whitsundays, feel free to get in touch and mail in your device! Click the link below to see how to mail in a device! 

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