The value that we have to share! 

Hawker IT for more then just repair!

Got Malware? 

It's best to have an anti-virus solution to prevent anything infecting your valued tech! Hawker IT has your back to prevent anything from damaging your personal data or it being compromised. From anti-virus solutions, repair and removal, we are here to help!


Buying a new computer or software, need help?

It can be overwhelming purchasing a new computer or finding a software solution to fit your needs. It's quite easy to end up with functions or features that you don't personally benefit from. From custom built computers to mainsteam models, we have valued solutions for you!

Lost your Data?

DATA recovery is a sensitive task and one that we handle with the utmost care and privacy. There are many ways to recover data and reasons why the data has become inaccessible - do you have pictures on a dead phone or documents from an old failed computer you would like back? Feel free to let us know how we can help!  

Backup solutions!

Our personal and professional data is paramount, however we are all guilty of not taking the necessary steps in order to protect it! Take this as your last warning and secure your data! From explaining what a backup is, to providing automatic solutions - we are here to help!

Remote support.jpg
Need a second pair of eyes? 

Are you stuck with an error message? Maybe your printer is not communicating with your computer even though it's plugged in? As long as you have your computer connected to the internet, we are able to remotely take control of the computer, so you can sit back and watch how it's done, or relax and be notified when the issue has been resolved!

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Smashed phone screen? Computer wont start?... Much more! 

Computers fail, there is nothing fun about that, we are here to help! If it's been put together, chances are it can be taken part and repair - never assume it's beyond help - let us know what no longer is in working order and we can provide non obligation free quote!