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Mac & PC repair   

Slow computing, frustrating operating - computers are meant to make things easy & all round help streamline life & become more simpler. Chances are if you're hear, you need to reach out, let us know how we can help!

Slow computer? Hard drive failed?!

A slow computer is a computer telling you something isn't quite right. It's a misconception that as computers get older they get slower, unless your needs or application has changed, your PC or Mac should pretty much the same as the day it was brought. Most slow computer issues are a strong sign of a hard drive failing. We can help diagnose, replaced or upgrade your hard drive if required! 

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Beeping or flashing, but no one is home?

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I think it's the battery? New charger still nothing....

All those beeps & bloops we hear - those sounds we ignore unless there is an issue, they all mean something, these help us by giving ques to what the computer is doing, however sometimes that's all it's doing - if that's the case, we can help!

Faulty power supplies, bad charger cables, failed batteries & more, these can all cause a computer to not power up, and when we can't even get a beep or a flash - this can be the worst. Especially if you don't have a back up of your data. Even if you aren't after a repair - we can help with that - see data recovery for more info!

Virus & Malware removal & solutions!

Is it a virus, malware, a bug? Whatever you want to call it, it's a pain to experience. Proactive solutions are best to ensure we don't end up in hot water with something terrible, but we don't have a time machine - We are more than able to help with removal & virus repair, than we can help with proactive protection! Get in touch for more info!

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