Advanced repair

Micro-soldering is not for everyone - in fact, you'll find that most technicians are not able to provide these kind of repairs. The skill & knowledge that is required to be able to provide this level of repair & service is rare to find. Hawker IT is proud to be the only repairer in the Whitsundays region to offer this locally! We also offer this nationally through our mail-in repair service for personal & business customers alike! Please see our mail-in page for more info!

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Micro soldering

So what is it? Micro soldering is soldering, on a small scale - all things technical that are not other wise connected via physical cables, clips, clasps, and more, are soldered together with an alloy - most commonly tin and/or lead. Because of the scale of which we are soldering, we need to use microscopes and micro pencil soldering iron to make this possible. In short - if there is a componet that is soldered onto a mother or logic board that has failed, the only way it can be repaired is with soldering skills & equipment. 

Circuit repair

As simple as a disconnected wire from a amplifier to a speaker causes a break in the connection, thus no function - the same is true for all circuits no matter how simple or complex. Once there is either a break in the circuit (a wire disconnected) or otherwise a component on the circuit that has failed, the connection needs to be restore in order to allow everything to work the way it spouse to. 

No back-light or display

Battery and charger good, still no power?

Having a Macbook, laptop or device turn on, however there is no image, is a typical symptom of a failed circuit between the brain of the device and the display. There are also failures in which the image is there on the display, however there is no light being switched on it order to be able to see the image easily as intended.

When you have a known good battery, charger cable, adapter & port, but still no activity, chances are you have a broken power circuit. This can be anything from the IC (integrated circuit) chips that control power within the device, to a short circuit. These kind of repairs can happen out of the blue, or otherwise caused by contribution factors, such as using non-genuine cables. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to have a chat about your particular issue to discuss possible solutions for you!

Not local, and need to mail it in? 

If you're not local to the Whitsundays, feel free to get in touch and mail in your device! Click the link below to see how to mail in a device! 

Water Damage? 

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