Device repair

iPhones, iPads, Apple watch, all android devices & more - any device that has been damaged can come apart can be put back together working. Most of our repairs come will come with a minimum of 12 month warranty!

Screen replacements

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Battery replacements

Battery repair - it's a fact that batteries don't last forever, over time, the health of any battery will degrade and eventually, need to be replaced. Best case, the battery won't last as long as it use to, perhaps it only get half way through the day before needing to be recharged. Worse case, batteries expand - when batteries expand, they can cause damage to other components. Please get in touch to find out more!

screen repair - cracked & smashed displays are by far the most common repair & service we provide for all makes & models. It doesn't matter if it's the touch screen for your iPad or tablet, your display assembly for your iPhone or android, even your apple watch that has a hair line fracture or worse, completely destroyed face, we have you covered

Charger port dock replacements

For more than just repair

Charging repairs AKA won't turn on - These kind of repairs would be a contender for 2nd most common repair, however it's not always as simple as just replacing the charger dock. These kind of repairs can be anything from physical material (i.e pocket lint) blocking the port to bent contacts. A Minority of these repairs are a symptom of the power circuit having a fault - see advance repairs page for more info!

To list everything that we repair would be information overload, the truth is, most things can be taken apart and put back together - with replacement parts available, no doubt we can help out. Head on over to advance repair for more info, or get in touch with us via the contact page!  

Mac or PC issue? 

Check out what solutions we can provide for all issues, big and small - Hawker IT for more than just repair! Click or tap the button below!

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