Data recovery  

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Hard drives fail, device get damaged. Being proactive is the best solution - have a backup in place to avoid catastrophe - If you do find yourself in a spot and need a hand with data recovery, we are here to help!

Hard drive & Flash drive recovery 

Anything from deleted data, to a failed storage device that has information on it that you require, we are here to help! This can be from a computer, external hard drive USB drive Most data recovery come with free assessment, to find out more please get in touch with us!

Device data recovery

When it comes to recovery data from a device, such as an iPhone or other mobile device, it's impossible just to remove the hard drive and extract the data. The NAND (hard drive in mobile device) is encrypted with the CPU (central processing unit) of that individual mobile device, meaning, you need the device at minimum to be able to boot to communicate with a computer in order to recover the data. See our advance repair section for more on circuit and other repairs alike - get in touch to find out more!