Mac & PC repair 

Basic support & service - $99.00 inc GST

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This is for all those basic issues, such as bug/virus removal, quick software resolutions, and remote support up to 45 minutes!

Standard support & service - $165.00 inc GST

For issues that require a bit more time, effort & TLC! Everything from OS installation, specific application setup & remote support greater then 45 minutes! 

Advance support & service

Advance support & service pricing is subject to the task at hand, this can be for a variety of issues that will require a quote pending what is required! If Basic or Standard doesn't seem to fit your needs get in touch! For more information, click or tap on the button below! 

For everything else! 

From faulty hard drives, to "it's just not working!" it's best to check these out on a case by case basis! Typically, this kind of repair and service range from $132.00inc GST and go up from there pending the nature of the issue, parts required to be replaced and a few other factors!

If you are unsure, get in touch today! Our team is on hand for assurance and advice!
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